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  1. Seasonal Choir Sunday

    Christmas Choir Sings This Sunday
    Come Worship With Them

    Each Christmas season a group of Hopites spends weeks (on Mondays, and Saturday mornings no less) rehearsing special music for the seasonal choir worship service. Director Jennifer Boltz and our four part harmony choir will bless us with what they’ve prepared and join in leading worship with the Debbie & Jack Dorman worship team.

    Come rejoice and be blessed! And bring a friend or neighbor or co-worker to enjoy the Christmas choir.

  2. Monthly Newcomers Lunch – December 15th

    Are you new to Hope Chapel?

    We want to welcome you and get to know you better! Join us for our monthly Newcomers Lunch on December 15th. We’ll be in the Den (large room upstairs) as soon as we can manage after the service ends for about an hour.

    Please text the word Lunch to 512.645.1980 to let us know to expect you. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. Global Christmas is Here!

    It’s the season to bless our workers, both here and abroad, by remembering them and sending gifts.

    Write a note! 

    There will be stationary supplied in the coffee area for you to write a greeting or a blessing to a worker. HGT will collect these and mail them off.

    Give a gift!

    Out of the side doors of the sanctuary, under the stairs, there are ornaments you can pull off the wall and place in the envelope provided (be sure to lift them up in a quick prayer while you do this!). HGT will collect these and record the amounts after each service. Please be sure to mark the amount and your name on the envelope.

    Thank you so much for thinking, praying, and giving towards our workers! We pray this season will be a blessing to you and your family, as well!


  4. Annual Christmas Program coming on December 8- what parents need to know

    Now that we have our building back, the kids get to participate in the Annual Hope Christmas Program and Party again! We’ve been practicing on Sunday mornings and everyone is excited.

    Here’s what parents need to know:

    There is no dress code for the program, but preschoolers can dress up as either an angel, a shepherd or a wise man for their song. Elementary kids can wear what you want them to wear.

    Kids will sit with parents for the whole program this year. We’ll just call them up when it’s time for their song.

    Please be in the sanctuary by 4pm on December 8 so we can run through details before the program begins.

    Contact Hala if you have questions.