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  1. All You Can

    Luke 16:3-4, 8-13

    “Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.” from John Wesley. Geno leads us in thinking about stewarding our resources well.  We are to use money as a means, using it to serve people and advance the kingdom. We are to be ambitious for God. @genohild


  2. Monthly Newcomers Lunch – November 17th

    Are you new to Hope Chapel?

    We want to welcome you and get to know you better! Join us for our monthly Newcomers Lunch on November 17th. We’ll be in the Den (large room upstairs) as soon as we can manage after the service ends for about an hour.

    Please text the word Lunch to 512.645.1980 to let us know to expect you. Looking forward to seeing you there!


  3. FALL GIFTS NIGHT • Friday, November 8th • A Less Stressed, More Blessed Night 7-8:30 PM

    What Talents Have You Been Hiding? Sign-Ups Have Begun. This talent show requires you sharing your talents!

    We have poetry, a song, and a slide show already in the list!!

    Sign up with the curator, Cathy Tucek, today! 🎨 🎭💃🏽🕺🏼꠫🎤🤹🏻‍♂️🤣😢

    It doesn’t have to be perfect, just yours! Some talents are amazing performances from those with lovely voices and others are hilarious chances to laugh at your Hope Group’s Kazoo Band. It’s a variety show in which you provide the variety.

    Poetry, stand-up, a song, a dramatic reading, a comedy skit, and LOTS of silliness! In the last one, we had:
    • a funny song like Dorman WorshipMadLibs ala J &JP Cogdell
    • dramatic reading of a poem (your own or a favorite) ala Kevin Daniel, Mark Kovach or Liz Morgan
    • a choral group or solo piece or band ala Scott McDonald and Gang or Judah Lathem
    • a comedy interp ala the Fischers
    • a gravity-defying, prat-falling mime of the a certain dog flying in battle in a sopwith camel biplane ala Joe Friedman
    • a slide show with humorous comment ala Thomas Cogdell
    It’s license to do something crazy, fun, and outrageous or to showcase a hidden talent that you have that your friends like!

    Not your first violin recital or an act randomly thrown together that wouldn’t have been entertaining even with rehearsal. Go with a basic skill level (juggling while eating an apple) or something funny/entertaining that doesn’t need much skill (your Hope Group‘s cheerleading cheer).


    THINK: what can I do that will help people be less stressed or more blessed?

    Hope Groups are encouraged to do a song or skit together (include your kids).

    Solo acts are welcome. We’re looking for variety.