Truly an Arts Collective led by the artists, HopeArts works to promote a rich artistic atmosphere and deep artistic experience for the artists within our collective, in our immediate Brentwood/Crestview/Allendale neighborhood(s), and in our wider Austin Arts community.

Open to any medium, genre, arts educational backgrounds, and professional experience, we support artists through a vibrant Arts Program including gallery shows and art openings, performance events, an in-house art magazine, open-use / shared-use and fully stocked arts studio, contemplative Compline-Taizé service.

Welcoming of artists from pre-teen ages to busy parent with no bandwidth, to professional artists with no life-space, and to retirees/seniors deep-diving their passions and interests, our collective embraces an ethos and attitude of supportive communalism in artistic creativity, finding no artistic voice to be without worth or insightfulness.

All Art aims at the highest, deepest, widest breadth of who Humanity is and is meant to be, and all that is good, beautiful, and true in Faith and of Life, and it is only together with other artists (from across the community and differing backgrounds) can an individual artist find the enrichment and support to achieve such a  mark, and that is what HopeArts seeks to foster.

That which is of the good, of the true, of the noble, of the right, of the just, of the pure, of the lovely, of the excellent, and of the praise worthy, and all that which is made of kindness, of love, of joy, of peace-seeking and peace-filled, patience, gentleness, self-controlled, and all of that which is made for peace-making, for mercy-giving, for justice-seeking, in meekness-orientation, all of that is the subject and aesthetic for all good Art.

Gathering Details

  • Taizé Service meets 7:00PM 3rd Sunday of the Month
  • A contemplative, liturgical service following the lectionary calendar.

Latest Updates

  1. “Pilgrimage of Light” Artist Reception

    Join us Saturday, February 4th in the Hope Chapel Sanctuary Gallery for an artist’s reception of Pilgrimage of Light, a photography exhibit by Wendy Dooldeniya. There will be a catered reception and artist talk starting at 6:30pm, followed by an interactive Q & A. We will also have musical accompaniment by guitarist Nathan Howard.

    Wendy describes her work in this way: “These images are moments of my soul hearing the voices of water, wind, light, and shadow. They are the moments that give me pause and peace in the wanderings of daily life.”

    Contact Aubrey Johnson for more information:

  2. Taizé Service Announcement

    Occurring every 3rd Sunday of the month (except for holidays), beginning at 7:00 P.M. theTaizé Service is a contemplative, liturgical service following the lectionary calendar. Numerous moments of silence, liturgy, and lectio divina readings are built into an aestheticaly oriented prayer service. Taizé Services closely follow the French Taizé Community model, a community which began in 1940, and currently boast a community of 100 Catholic and various Protestants who live their lives together as, “a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples.” 


  3. Gallery Opening Jan. 16

    “Incarnation,” a new show by Loie Archer, opens on Thursday, January 16th, 7:00 P.M. in the Hope Chapel Sanctuary Gallery. This show is a catered gallery show, offering a musical  performance component and an interactive artist Q & A. Archer’s work invites the audience to contemplation and explores different stages of life. Through viewing the pieces of the show as a whole, in the context of the music, the audience encounters the mystery of creativity .