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  1. Arts Update 02-04-2019

    Arts Community Updates 02-04-2019


    Hope Arts Group meets :


        With this being the first Wednesday of the month we will be meeting for regular group time together in the studio space at Hope Chapel. We will all meet in the studio @ 6:30 PM after the 5:30 Wednesday night dinner.


    Deadline for entry as a presenter or RSVP as an attendee for the Feb. 15th Art Salon is Tuesday 02-12-2019 by noon. See the sign-up form under the relevant tab on to do so.


    Deadline for entry into upcoming gallery show “Gates & Fences: How We Enter” is 02-26-2019 by noon. See the sign-up form under the relevant tab on to do so.


    Maker’s Fair sign-up for the March 9th slots is going on now. Be sure to go to to get space.


    Major Changes :


    1)    From this point forward artists will meet every Wednesday together in the studio, and our alternating schedule (between group time and free creation) will continue but together in the studio space.


    2)    Art Salon attendance : in order to attend the arts salon (not just to present), attendees must RSVP (and presenters must sign up) in order to receive location information. Go to to sign up under the relevant tab.


  2. Arts Update

    Arts Update 01-29


    Lots of BIG NEWS today. This Wednesday Family Night on 01-30 will be the 5th Wednesday of the month, and so another open creation time in the studio for 2-d/3-d artists, and in coffee shop for writers, or those wanting to discuss Art-related topics. Dinner is at 5:30; group time at 6:30.  

    This is a perfect time to be working on our corporate “52 Project” — our project where we produce one new piece of art (at least) for that week, which we upload to the private group space of Realm.

    Better still is using open creation time to produce work for our upcoming gallery exhibit: “Gates and Fences” — you may find information on this exhibit Realm / Hope.Org blogs, as well as the sign up forms on

    Feb. 15th is our first Arts Gathering / Salon Performance Evening: Art Gatherings are intimate, salon-style performance and community evenings for artists and art-lovers to get to come together and experience the works of selected artists, engaging in discussion. The Art Gatherings occur in private homes around the city, every 3rd Friday of the Month (barring holidays), from 7:30PM – 9:30PM. Location information for this month’s Gatherings may be found updated on the HopeArts blog sections of Realm,, and


    Performance / presenter spots by sign-up only on Realm or below. Attendees should RSVP on same — some spaces may be limited. No childcare provided at any location. Must sign-up by the Tuesday (3 days) prior to the event.

    Please Contact our Arts Ministry Director with questions.

    Lastly, we have an upcoming Makers Market March 9th, from 9 AM – 3 PM; sign-up forms on


  3. What to Expect on Sundays

    The remodel is over and all of our kids’ classes are being held in the education wing of our main building again. Please join us for the fun as we reacquaint ourselves with the familiar spaces that are new again.

    Your first stop on Sunday morning should be at a HopeKids Check In Kiosk. You will find one in the Family Room and another in the coffee shop. Print out name tags for each of your kids fifth grade and younger. Each child in our program needs to wear a nametag to class.

    Classes for kids in Kindergarten and younger are on the ground floor. The rooms are marked to make it simple to find the one you need. Elementary classes are held upstairs and are also be labeled.

    Children preschool-aged and younger can be checked in and brought to their classrooms at 9:55 on Sunday. Kindergarten and elementary grades will worship with parents and then be released to their classes.

    As always, there will be friendly people in blue HopeKids t-shirts to help you in any way needed.

    Let the celebrations begin!