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  1. Get to Know HopeArts

    It is true the HopeArts Ministry section of our website needs a little updating, but the ministry blog is always up to date, and doesn’t cost the price of a large Rembrandt to change, lol.


    HopeArts boasts several ways to participate in art-and-faith-centric community:

    The Arts Hope Group: Meeting at 5:30 P.M. in a private home every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month (beginning in Oct.), this artist-specific group meets to discuss, share food, and support one another as we explore the intersection of Art and Faith. One needn’t be Christian to attend, nor even a member of Hope Chapel. On our off weeks the group encourages impromptu outings to Austin-area art events, and just hanging together. Contact the Arts Ministry Director with questions, or for location information.


    Open Creation Times: Specifically on Wednesday Nights (and, in general Mon.-Fri. When opened/ or by keyed-access) starting at 6:30 P.M.and running till 8:30 P.M., the Art Studio on the Hope Chapel Campus (located abutting the Pastors Offices) is opened to artists wanting a shared communal space in which to create. Lockers for supplies can be rented (monthly), though those are limited. Open Creation Times are for any artist, Christian or not, member of Hope Chapel or not. Studio Rules STRICTLY enforced (to preserve the space for the use and enjoyment of all). NOTE: running until Mid October 2019 the studio is under renovations, and the Open Creation Time will be work day time


    The Writer’s Group, 3-Friends:  The 3-Friends Writers Group: This hybrid online-&-in-person group is geared towards the encouragement of writers through positive-only, supportive-only feedback on pieces generated through weekly, prompt-led practice. Weekly prompts are given, and written responses posted to an online forum, where the other members offer their kind and supportive feedback in comments to the piece. This group has informal meet-ups to socialize and share work in-person only when convenient or desired, sometimes in virtual and sometimes in physical locations. Contact Art Ministry Leader for more details.


    Workshopping Group: This group is specifically for those writers looking to workshop and refine completed works to be submitted for publication or professional submissions. Bring your “Strunk and White,” roll up your authorial sleeves, and get ready to get elbow-deep dirty in working over your pieces. Contact the workshop leader for details. 


    Submit publications for our in-house art magazine, “Feast,” or attend our Arts Events:  Check our Art Ministry Blog and the Hope Chapel Calendar for information of Gallery Openings, Maker Market Festivals, and more to engage in event-specific community life of artists sponsored by Hope Chapel.


    Check out our community page for a fuller description of us.

  2. Maker’s Market & Festival

    Our Maker’s Market Festival is Saturday, Oct. 12th! It’s HopeArts’ and Hope Chapel’s indoor/outdoor art market and festival, with taco truck, bouncy house, activities and games, and so much more! Invite and bring your friends and neighbors and their kids from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

    We’ll be showcasing works for sale by creative people in the HopeArts and greater community. Featuring artists, crafters, and makers of all kinds. Portions of sales and booth rentals go to support the HopeArts’ Ministry. Donations also accepted!

    There’s still time to reserve booth space – check here for details: (indoor and outdoor space: $35 per vendor).

  3. Art Studio Rules (updated)

    HopeArts Art Studio Rules


    These rules exist to ensure the experience of the studio for ALL artists, and to promote a safe and supportive environment of creativity for the community of artists.


    These rules are updated periodically, and so it is incumbent upon the individual artist to keep up with the rules and any updated information/policies outlined herein.


    1. Love (agape and phileo) One Another: be patient, be kind, be considerate, be humble, consider others as you would consider and esteem yourself, be not self-seeking, be not rude, be not aggressive or bullying, be safe and a safe-place for others.
    2. Love the Community of Artists as you would love (agape and phileo) an individual artist.
    3. Clean up after each session: no janitorial services visit the studio; each artist is responsible for cleaning up spills and messes, returning items to their lockers of community cubbies/storage areas, taking out trash (especially any trash with food wrappers/food stuffs). 
    4. Any chemical usage requiring ventilation or mask usage not permitted during Open Creation Times (Mon.-Fri. 6:30 P.M.-8:30 P.M.), or within 4 hours (or a longer reasonable time for ventilation of space) before those times. We have artists with breathing issues, and health and safety to consider. 
    5. No food to be kept in lockers.
    6. No open consumption or sharing of substances or materials for which anyone potentially suffering an addiction to said items; this includes alcohol, pornography, and the like.
    7. No possession, storage, usage, or distribution of controlled substances; if it is against the law, it is against the rules.
    8. Any coarse joking, lewdness, conversation, or topic which explicitly hurts or bothers another artist present is to be ceased upon first request.
    9. Activities affecting other artists as a whole are allowed / determined acceptable by the group present.