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As Christians we have a unique privilege to be the ones, as Jesus encouraged, to care for the orphan. There is a place for everyone in the FAM (Foster care and Adoption Ministry)!

More than 50% of foster homes will close within one year due to lack of support. At Hope, we don’t want this to be the case. Families provide important space for healing for children from hard places. This work isn’t easy, but many can find roles within our ministry to support these families in our congregation.  Or maybe you are seeking to partner with aging out youth, to become a foster parent, to pursue adoption or are already knee deep into these works – we want to be the body of Christ around you.

Join us!

Latest Updates

  1. FAM All Call

    FAM is hosting an evening with dinner and childcare in order to hear from you. We want to know how God is moving and what you feel He may be calling you to. We also want to share with you some upcoming classes and plans for FAM. 

    Do you feel a call to serve families in our community in crisis and help prevent them from entering the foster care system? Are you contemplating foster care or adoption any time in the future? Are you looking for ways to engage that are lower commitment than signing up for foster care? Do you have no idea how you may fit in but for some reason feel drawn towards FAM? 

    Come join us for dinner and conversation as we explore upcoming ways FAM plans to engage with the Austin community and at Hope Chapel in the coming year. You’ll hear from us, and we want to hear from you. Join us!

    RSVP for FAM All Call:

  2. FAM Lunch Service Opportunity

    On April 26th FAM will serve local Grandparents involved in kinship care raising their grandchildren.

    Every month, an Austin nonprofit, Fostering Hope provides lunch for the local chapter of Texas Grandparents Raising Grandkids.

    Hope Chapel partners with Fostering Hope and will provide and serve the grandparents attending the meeting on April 26th.

    This is an opportunity to tangibly bless and serve those involved in orphan care.

    To cook or help serve, contact Mandy for details:

  3. FAM Men Night March 31

    On March 31 in the evening, FAM will host a men’s night for FAM Dads/Caregivers and those that want to support them.

    Held at Hope Chapel Member’s home this evening will include conversation, pickle ball, & if anything like last year, a lot of BBQ.

    For more detailed information, contact Mark Proeger for details:

  4. “Welcome Home” A Future and A Hope Conference – Registration Open Now!

    Fostering Hope’s annual adoption and foster care conference, A Future + A Hope is coming up on March 4, 2023.

    This year’s theme is “Welcome Home.”

    Hope Chapel partners with Fostering Hope as we seek to provide holistic support for our own foster/adoptive families and those in our community.

    From Fostering Hope:

    Whether we have adoptive children, foster children, relatives, or we are reunifying with our children after difficult circumstances, our homes should be welcoming. And yet for so many of us, it almost seems laughable to imagine a restful home. 

    Let’s work together to create a community that welcomes children home – even if “home” is temporary! Find more information and register at