Sanctuary Exhibit : “The Tree and the Forest”

A new exhibit opens soon in our sanctuary gallery: Sharyn Richey’s “The Tree and the Forest.”

In the artist’s words:”Basically it expresses the subconscious need to find meaning (tree) amidst the noise, confusion and fear (forest) of our contemporary world. By using various mediums my working process reflects and symbolizes a search for pathways out of the wilderness and toward new insights and hope.”

“After years as a parish priest I retired so that I could return to my first calling as an artist. I began my studies in art at the University of Texas and credit professors John Guerin and Loren Mozley with encouraging me into painting. I feel that my time as a priest has given my work greater depth because it now carries an appreciation for the strength of the human spirit in the face of great challenges.”

A complete artist profile can be accessed on her website,