Soliciting Congregant Submissions

“Feast”: Call for Submissions
Writers, visual artists, laity! You are invited to submit work for the next edition of Feast, our Hope community art magazine publication. Deadline for submissions is 9 p.m. Thursday, August 20th.

Currently soliciting the congregation to look over past issues and past sermons and write some small reflection of any length (two sentences to a whole page worth even).

How has that sermon played out in your life since hearing that sermon? How have you seen it played out in the lives of your various communities (small groups, tribes, cliques, various ministry communities)?

What is the Lord speaking to you (and your communities) on that subject currently?

This project actually blesses your community, and is a way (quite literally) to give of your “talents”.

Send them in rtf, or (preferably) Google Doc format  by 9pm on Thursday, August 20st, 2015. 

Visual art and photography on the same general themes. Jpeg and PDF formats, your choice of pixel size.

See for earliest past issues of “Feast”.