Great Reads for 2014

I am so excited that we will have this space to share and seek together! Look, in the weeks and months ahead, for articles by various women of Hope Chapel sharing how the Lord is leading them and what He has given them a passion for.

To start your year out in a blessed place, have a good inspirational read (click more to see some suggestions) Here are my current favs:

  1. A Grace Plan by Ann Voscamp, with what she is focusing on this year. Great article links and a few funny videos too!
  2. Deep thoughts on how we view others – The Mythical They by Jen Hatmaker. If you are coming to the IF gathering, this is a must read. A great perspective on how we view ourselves and others from the planning session for the IF gathering.
  3. What is in the life of the stranger you see at the grocery store? Watch this great video on a man who chronicles the stories of strangers. Makes me want even more to have the eyes of Jesus to see into hearts of others and see what HE SEES. Here is his website too, where you can read what strangers have shared.
  4. Having Hope in the midst of unanswered prayers and dreams – Hope, An Anchor by Julie Cannon. (She has many honest moments on her blog, scroll around) It goes nicely with this one by Austin Channing Brown on singing songs to our sisters. Loved this article.

Blessings to each of you!!!