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Arts Topic: “the Holiness of Creating”

In summation of our discussion/posts so far on Christian Aesthetics I recall our minds to the notion that a Christian Aesthetic involves, in part, an ethos towards Art like that of Shem’s and Japheth’s reverential carrying of cloaks across their shoulders to PROTECT the vulnerability and beauty of their father.  

If Creation and a creation, Art and some piece of art, all are so holy and venerable, then so to the act of creating, an act of creation, ought to be considered as a holy thing.  Creation ought to be considered one of the holiest of activities, esteemed as a holy pursuit. Aye, you could say that an act of creation is a sitting at His feet, a laying at His feet, a glorifying Him in that manner in which He Himself choose to do for Himself.  Our Holy God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), deserving glory, in holy activity created, so that His reflection might be seen in His creation, that His Holy nature might be known. When the artist creates, in that act of creation, she is modeling back to God that holy activity for which He is so deserving of glory.

Do we consider the activity of art making in such ways? Going back to the refrain of Philippians 4:8, in light of these thoughts, isn’t art making noble, true, good, righteous, excellent, praiseworthy, loving, just activity?