FEAST – Call for Submissions – June 15th Deadline

Wondered what that book in the pews is? Hope Chapel has a community art magazine publication called FEAST. You are invited to read and enjoy. You’ll find them in the pew. Take one to read and bring it back when you’re finished. Feel free to add comments before you return it.

From Kevin Daniel, “Pentecost happens to be on Baptism Sunday. I think that is cool. I also think the Lenten Art exhibit and the Good Friday Speakers were cool.

I know I am not the only one who came out of the Good Friday service with some nugget or deep emotional movement, nor am I the only one with a favorite (or 5 favorite) pieces of Lenten Art upon which I gaze every time I attend service.

So I am not the only one I know with something to say about any of this…you may have something to say. Why not share it in the next FEAST – you might just enrich and love and bless others in the community with your insights. You and God’s work in your life and the thoughts you have are all a blessing, a lamp not meant to be hid beneath a bowl, so please share them with us in the Body, allow us to FEAST upon the fare of you.

Maybe you want to respond to an earlier conversation occurring in an earlier volume of FEAST, or want to reflect upon a message from the pulpit, or continue thoughts started in a discussion in HSL or Poured Out, or maybe you have some personal artwork or photography you want shared… FEAST is the place for this and more.”

Deadline for submissions are exactly one week after Pentecost on Sunday, June 15th.

Written submissions can be as short as a single haiku (17 syllables) to a maximum of 350 words (provisions can be made upon request for longer submissions). Submissions can be anything written: poems, essays, lyrical prose, short fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, a travel log entry.

Email written submissions in rtf (rich text format) format or in the body of an email, or shared via GoogleDocs. Any visual piece (2-d or scan of 3-d) needs to also be emailed, any size resolution you prefer. Scans and jpgs may be manipulated in overall size to fit upon the page, but will not otherwise be cropped or manipulated (if it is a bad picture of a great piece, it will appear as such, with no editing or touch up).

Submit all entries to Kevin Daniel.