What is HopeArts?

HopeArts is the art ministry of Hope Chapel. HopeArts represents a diverse collection of artists, from professional artists to beginners, encompassing a wide range of artistic forms and expressions. We all have in common the desire to bring glory to God through creative endeavor. Each year we hang 3-5 visual exhibits on Hope's walls. Learn more about HopeArts ›

Within our community, we have small groups of various focuses that meet regularly.

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Additionally, we organize various creative arts activities, including workshops, seminars, and work-in-progress open mic nights, called 8 Minutes Max. Check out our upcoming events and latest posts for more info.

Our Desire:

To facilitate the art of living well as followers of Christ both in our community and beyond.

Latest Updates

  1. Reminder: HopeArts Group 09/19

    The first in a long time Arts Hope Group meets this Wednesday 09/19 at 6:30 P.M. just 2 blocks from Hope. <Message the Art Ministry Director from here for location details if you are not on Realm.>

    Childcare is provided, but we NEED a response to include your kids in the headcount for Hala and getting enough childcare workers.  Additionally, having an attendee head count is good for setting up the right amount of chairs.

    What do we do in the Arts Hope Group? Quoth Geno, “So glad you asked!”

    The meeting will involve elements of worship, bible study (Hebrews), book study (L’Engle’s “Walking on Water” & Buechner’s “Telling Stories”) and prayer. <Lord help us, it’s all to be done all in an hour and a half.> You don’t have to have the books, though I assure you will want to.

    Drop kids off at Hope Chapel first.

    If you can not come, but want to GoogleHangout in, let me know. No promises on video quality or ability. And as always, we will continue our group discussions on HopeArts on Realm throughout the week.

  2. Women’s Ministry Gallery Exhibit

    Currently on the walls of our Gallery is the progressively-revealed Women’s Ministry art show, entitled “Women of Hope”. The show runs from mid-Aug through September, and is an evolving show, which means its content is dynamic and changing over the course of the run. Show features artists from Hope Chapel and abroad, and explores the questions of Womanhood and Hope in multi-generational experience. For more information be sure to check the Women’s Ministry blog.

  3. Arts HopeGroup Commencing

    Weekly Artist Hope Group beginning when Family Night starts September 19th.

    The Arts Hope Group will meet every week, with every first and third Wednesday meetings organized around scripture-book-and-art study/prayer/communion, and second and fourth Wednesdays being organized around personal creation time and sharing / discussing of works. 

    What is needed from you? Nothing but to come, check it out. It might be nice to know your interest level, and if you want to keep updated on what is going on in the group you can join Realm and send a request to join HopeArts Community. There you’ll see the discussion topics, the scripture/book assignments, and more.

    All meetings seek to be remote-accessible / live-streamed.


    Kevin Daniel 
    Arts Ministry Director; Hope Chapel, Austin, TX

    Hope Arts @ www.HopeArts.org

    Hope Chapel @ www.Hope.org

    personal contact:
    512-367-0339 (text preferred)
  4. “14 Stations” Exhibit in Gallery

    A Painter and a Prophet: the 14 Stations of the life of John Boyle, Painted by James B. Janknegt

    March 2 – May 5th
    Celebrate this body of work that was created over a 14-year period. The works represent 14 scenes from John Boyle’s life and together with The Royal Painter, James Janknegt, visions of The Prophet came to life on the canvas for all of Austin to witness. The works are accompanied by GODESE Prose, a lyrical language that links together words and conceptions, creating a hidden ‘parable-like’ experience inviting the viewer to go before The Throne of God that they might have the eyes to see and the ears to hear what The Spirit is saying.

    Artist Talk: A Dialogue between The Royal Painter and the Prophet. Sunday, March 5th, 2017 5:30 PM at Hope Chapel. Get a glimpse into their 14 year relationship and how these works came to be commissioned. Q & A.

Current Exhibit:

Imagine Art: Where every life is a work of art. Learn more ›

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