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Lyrics for Worship on the Lawn 8/30

One Thing

One thing, one thing I desire; To dwell and to inquire; In Your holy place

One thing, this one thing I seek; A time and place to meet; And see you face to face

One__ thing__ I desire; To dwell in the house of the Lord; All the days of my life

To behold Your beauty, Lord; To know and love You more and more

It’s what I’ve been created for; This one thing

To lean upon the One I love; Safely resting in Your arms; Set Your seal upon my heart

I desire; this one thing

Better Is One Day

How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty

My soul longs and even faints for you

For here my heart is satisfied; Within Your presence

I sing beneath the shadow of Your wings

Better is one day in Your courts; Better is one day in Your house

Better is one day in Your courts; Than thousands elsewhere (2X)

One thing I ask and I would seek; To see Your beauty

To find You in the place Your glory dwells

My heart and flesh cry out; For You, the living God; Your Spirit’s water for my soul

I’ve tasted and I’ve seen; Come once again to me; I will draw near to you, To you…

O Come to the Altar

Are you hurting and broken within; Overwhelmed by the weight of your sin,

Jesus is calling

Have you come to the end of yourself; Do you thirst for a drink from the well,

Jesus is calling

O come to the altar; The Father’s arms are open wide

Forgiveness was bought with; The precious blood of Jesus Christ

Leave behind your regrets and mistakes; Come today, there’s no reason to wait,

Jesus is calling

Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy; From the ashes a new life is born,

Jesus is calling

Oh what a Savior!  Isn’t He wonderful!     Sing alleluia, Christ is risen.

Bow down before Him, For He is Lord of all; Sing alleluia, Christ is risen


Kadosh kadosh kadosh;Kadosh kadosh kadosh
Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot; Adonai Elohim tz’va’ot

Holy holy holy;Holy holy holy
O Lord our God Lord of hosts; O Lord our God Lord of hosts

Who was and Who is; And Who is to come
Who was and Who is; And Who is to come

Asher hayah; V’hoveh v’yavo; Asher hayah; V’hoveh v’yavo

Who was and Who is; And Who is to come
Who was and Who is; And Who is to come

Gracious Lord

Your Grace has been my strength; when I am weakest

And when I’m wounded, Lord, Your grace heals all my brokenness

When I’ve fallen down, I feel Your gentle, loving hand

And I know it’s Your grace by which I stand

Gracious Lord, God of all compassion;

You have poured your kindness over me

O my Lord, Jesus by Your mercy;

I bow down and worship at Your feet;

Gracious Lord

The Beauty of Your presence overwhelms me

You are clothed in power and reign in perfect purity

All that I possess as an offering I raise

To the Lamb and the praise of His glorious grace