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Outreach Book Is Here!

Hope Chapel,

Our outreach book Reset is finally here. Thank you to everyone who participated in giving testimonies and to those who have prayed for this project. We have two more phases to go!

  1. I want you to take a copy home and read it. Then please ask God who would be a good person to share the book with. Don’t be afraid to give up your copy. I can always order another box of 50 if you want to reread it. Remember, this is a tool to help people far from God come close by coming to know Him. We need to ask Him for fruitfulness, wisdom and grace throughout this whole endeavor.
  2. The last phase is where we have the opportunity to sponsor books being sent directly to homes in the Hope Chapel neighborhood. It’s going to come across as “hey, we published this book and we’re proud of how it turned out. Since you’re a neighbor, we wanted you to have a free publisher’s copy.” It’s not weird at all and has -traditionally- had a high readership rate. The goal is to reach the unreached in our midst. If you want to fill out a sponsorship card to help me with this part, let me know. Or, if you just want to help by donating a small amount to the Outreach Book account to help cover the costs from publishing the book, you can do that as well.

Thanks! And please keep praying for God’s grace to draw people to Him.