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Hope Prayer Room Training tomorrow, May 19, 9AM – 2PM

Last reminder about the Prayer Room training tomorrow, May 19 from 9AM-2PM at Hope Chapel.

The Hope Prayer Room is not affiliated with Hope Chapel per se, but two of our members, Colin and Melissa Dwyer, are on the leadership team. Their team is offering this training at Hope Chapel for worship leaders, worship team members, intercessors, and everyone who wants to grow in and learn more about prayer and worship.  All ages are welcome.  They will share their vision and values and will also lead us in “practicing” what we are learning. We expect this to be a rich and satisfying time together!

Hope Chapel has a history of joining with other churches in worship and prayer for Austin, and this is a new opportunity to participate in a city-wide effort.

The Hope Prayer Room is housed in the ADRN headquarters on East 51st street.   Presently HPR offers several 2-hour shifts of prayer and worship times weekly.  Their goal is to see more 2-hour shifts covered with worship and prayer and to train more worshippers and leaders to that end. Their long-term vision is to see 24/7 prayer and worship to the Lord for our city.  Another important part of this training is to prepare us to participate in on-going intercessory prayer and worship during times of crisis.

The training tomorrow at Hope Chapel is a prerequisite for worship leaders and team members to be able to lead worship at the Hope Prayer Room. It also opens the door for us to join existing worship teams who lead at HPR, either weekly or monthly, and lastly, to rally together for worship and prayer when disaster strikes.  

We hope to see you at Hope Chapel tomorrow morning at 9am! Let’s press in to see more worship and prayer in and for the city of Austin!  For His glory and for the good of our city!