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A Group Christmas Reading

Dearly Beloved,

I have encouraged Hope Chapel to share the Christmas story with someone before Christmas day.  Or, in lieu of the Christmas story, to share the gospel of Jesus or one’s own testimony of salvation.

Just in case you desire to bear witness to Jesus in this season, but have not found an opportunity to do so, all is not lost!

I have developed a document I have prepared for my family’s use which includes the main portions of the Christmas story and a list of characters with both speaking and non-speaking roles.  You can find the Word.docx here and the .pdf file here.

My hope is that in your family time on Christmas day you will find time to read the story as a group, passing around the task of serving as the narrator, and finding small figurines or statuettes or even paper cut-outs to serve in place of the characters in the story.

The idea is a simple one:  as the narrator approaches a speaking role someone assumes that part and reads out the words of that character.  This can be accompanied by the holding up of the symbol for that character.  A very large group of people can be included in the story with this methodology.

Feel free to conduct the reading in whatever way suits your family unit.  This will be a blessing to all and, perhaps, will morph into a cherished family tradition.