Women’s Books & Breakfast

After a few sessions of straight-up Bible study, we want to pause and spend time hearing from one another. Each Woman of Hope Chapel is a treasure that Jesus died to save, and we want to grow deeper in our knowledge and affection for one another, practice sharing our story, and spend focused time listening and praying together.

If a “book study” hasn’t called to you, perhaps “friend study” will!  We will meet Thursdays, June 7 – July 19, with 2-3 women sharing a testimony of some of what God has done in their lives (a la our last retreat), followed by prayer.

You don’t have to share to come!


Thursdays 9:30am-11:30am June 7 – July 19. Childcare provided by reservation only. Sign up below!

Contact Brie or Aubrey for more information.

Dear friend our fall session has ended or is more than 1/2 way completed. Please visit the Women of Hope page at hope.org for more information on events and groups.