Marriage Course

Cosmo and Suzi Raines have created a course called “8 Weeks to a Remarkable Marriage” and we will be teaching our debut class this fall!

Transformations you can expect from this course include learning how to:

  • Understand the needs of your spouse
  • Communicate effectively
  • Create a safe place for disagreement & growth
  • Confess and forgive
  • Stop nagging
  • Believe the best about your spouse
  • Develop transformative Love Habits
  • Build Intentional Intimacy

We will begin on Wednesday, September 25th and conclude on November 20th (with October 9th off for the Congregational Mtg.). We’ll meet at Hope Chapel (actual room is TBD) from 6:30-8:00 p.m. Childcare available.

There is a $97 charge per couple for this course. This includes live & video instruction; 2 beautiful, full-color, keepsake LoveBook journals; 2 T-shirts; and other physical and digital items to assist you in building your Remarkable Marriage. (Please do not let cost be an issue. Scholarships are available – please contact us directly for more information at

We are so excited to share this material with our family at Hope! We truly believe that what you will learn in this course will transform your marriage. We can’t wait to watch God move in our body as we make our marriages remarkable!

Here are the topics we’ll cover each week:

Week 1: Getting Ready for a Remarkable Marriage – What is it and what is required to have one?

Week 2: Personal Preparation and Discovery – Who am I? Who is my spouse?

Week 3: Vulnerability – How can I be brave and humble in my marriage?

Week 4: Clear Communication – How do I know how to speak assertively and listen actively?

Week 5: Storytime – What does my favorite movie reveal about who I am and what I need?

Week 6: “I Feel Loved When…” – How can I experience love from and for my spouse like never before?

Week 7: The Weekly Check-In – How do we put this all together for mutual thriving and intentional intimacy?

Week 8: And the Beat Goes On – Enjoying your Remarkable Marriage!

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