Hope Prayer Room Training for worship leaders, May 19 at 9AM

Did you know that there is a Prayer Room in Austin dedicated to worshiping Jesus, enjoying His presence and praying for Austin?  The Hope Prayer Room is housed in the ADRN headquarters on East 51st street. Hope Chapel has a history of worship and prayer for Austin in large part through our participation with Thomas and Amy Cogdell who led the Austin House of Prayer.  Now we have opportunity to again participate in this great effort by connecting with the Austin Prayer Room. Once again we have relational connection, through Melissa and Colin Dwyer who are members of Hope and also on staff at the Austin Prayer Room.

We have invited APR to come to Hope Chapel and train our worship leaders and worship teams to lead worship at the Austin Prayer Room.  Geno, Jack and I are on board. Mark your calendars to join us on May 19 from 9am til 2pm. This training is a prerequisite for worship leaders to lead worship at the Prayer Room, but is open to anyone.   Let’s press in to be part of seeing more worship and prayer in and for the city of Austin!  For His glory and for the good of our city!  Let us know if you are planning to come.