Gifts Night – A Less Stressed, More Blessed Night!

Dust out your amazing talents for Gifts Night for Friday, November 8th from 7:00-8:30 PM. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s a variety show in which you provide the variety.

What Gifts Can I Share?
Poetry, stand-up, art, songs, dramatic readings, comedy skits, dance, stand up, and LOTS of silliness!

What will you do?
It’s license to do something crazy, fun, and outrageous or to showcase a hidden talent that you have that your friends like! THINK: what can I do that will help people be less stressed or more blessed?

What It’s Not?
Your first piano recital. Something randomly thrown together that wouldn’t have been entertaining even with rehearsal. Go with a basic skill level (juggling while eating an apple) or something funny/entertaining that doesn’t need much skill (your Hope Group‘s cheerleading cheer).

Who Can Sign Up?
Hope Groups (youth group included) are encouraged to do a song or skit together (and you can include kids). Solo acts are welcome. Sign up with Cathy Tucek. Please let her know what your planned presentation/gift is and how long it is (max. 5 min.: solo acts, a multi-person skit: 10 min.).

Set the date aside to continue an old Hope tradition from 1978-present.