Gifts Night

It’s been a year! You must have been storing up amazing gifts for Gifts’ Night – this talent show requires you on Wednesday, May 15th from 7-8:30PM. It is you, Hope Chapel, sharing your talents with Hope Chapel.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just yours! Some talents are amazing performances from those with lovely voices and others are hilarious chances to laugh at your Hope Group’s Kazoo Band. It’s a variety show in which you provide the variety.

What Gifts Can I Share?
Poetry, stand-up, a song, a dramatic reading, a comedy skit, and LOTS of silliness! In the last one, we had:
• a funny song like a Bert & Ernie song: Justus and John Patrick Cogdell
• dramatic reading of a poem (your own or a favorite): Liz Morgan
• a choral group performing Steve Martin’s Atheists Don’t Have No Songs: Dormans, Tuceks, Annette Cristopher, & Michael Spinks
• a gravity-defying, prat-falling mime of the a certain dog flying in battle in a sopwith camel biplane: Joe Friedman
• a slides of fatherly advice on family camping trips ala Thomas Cogdell

• Comedy Dance Performance: Asher, Noah, and Selah Proeger
• A Biblical verse song: Geno Hildebrandt
• Kids’ original music: Miss Ariel.
• Art in Motion: R. Carnie Littlefield
• Original music: Daniel Tucek
• Cover Tune: Kelly Carr

It’s license to do something crazy, fun, and outrageous or to showcase a hidden talent that you have that your friends like!

What It’s Not?
Your first piano recital. Something randomly thrown together that wouldn’t have been entertaining even with rehearsal.

THINK: what can I do that will help people be less stressed or more blessed?

Who Can Sign Up?
Hope Groups (youth group included) are encouraged to do a song or skit together (and you can include kids). Solo acts are welcome.
So start thinking! And set the date aside to continue an old Hope tradition from 1978-present. Contact Cathy Tucek to sign up your act.