Friends of FAM

Saturday, Oct 1

9am – 1:30pm

All inclusive for: CPR training, TBRI (parenting) education, lunch and meeting with Foster Village non-profit! 

Cost: $30 to cover the CPR/First Aid training presented by CPR Resources

This event is open to any who are interested! Singles, couples, teenagers*.

Feel free to come to any part of all of this event even if you do wish to become a certified babysitter. CPR class and TBRI education is open to anyone interested. 

When children are in foster care, they require “certified” babysitters for foster parents to leave them in the care of others.

Different agencies throughout Austin have slightly different requirements, but all of the current foster families at Hope use the same agency for their foster certification.

This means if you become “certified” for this agency, you can provide help for any of the foster families at Hope. You can also let the agency know if you are interested in spending a few hours or longer periods of time providing respite for other foster families using this agency in our community.  — You would receive a phone call when a need arises, with freedom to turn down the opportunity if it isn’t a good fit at the time.

To be certified for our Hope families you need:

CPR training, a background check and fingerprinting.

A few additional forms ( copy of DL, agency policies, etc) and you are set to help kids in foster care and the families that provide for them 24/7.

CPR and all forms will be provided at this event – fingerprinting will be an appointment scheduled via email made at a later date after your background check is processed – there are many locations in Austin and the appointment is quick.

Additionally, TBRI parenting and coaching techniques for interacting with kids is helpful for any interaction with kids from hard places – not to mention, any kid in general! Learning TBRI education can be helpful for Sunday School classes, on the playground, in your small group and every time you interact with a child.

Also joining us that day are representatives from Foster Village – a local non-profit providing excellent care and support to foster families in the community. You can learn more about very simple ways to engage with mentorship for biological families, supporting reunification of parents/kids, meetings needs for emergency placements and much more!

Childcare is available for children 5th grade and under until full.

CPR training is available for children 12 years and older.

*In order to be a certified babysitter for foster children you must be 18 years of age or older – but younger teens are welcome at our event!


Questions? Reach out to Mandy: