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  1. Children’s Baptism Classes Scheduled for September

    Children's Ministry

    If your child/ren have expressed a desire to be baptized this year and could not participate in the August baptism service, here is another opportunity:

    The baptism classes (taught by Pastor Matt)  are scheduled. Class one will meet on September 17 from 9:30-11. Class two will meet on Wednesday, September 28, from 6-7:30pm. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these classes with their children. Childcare is provided by contacting Hala.

    The baptism service will be on October 9 will be followed by an outdoor water fun day on our playground, as is our custom.

    Remember that we’ve designed the baptism classes to help parents decide whether or not their children are ready for baptism. If you are unsure about whether or not this is the right year, class number one will help you decide.

    Adults who would like to be baptized should simply contact Pastor Matt. He will be happy to talk with you!

    Let Hala know if you have any kid-related questions!



  2. Baptism


    New to Hope? We’re glad you’re here! Text the word WELCOME to 512-777-1826 to connect with our welcome team!

    Note: to view baptisms, please see the YouTube links on Realm (will need to sign in).

  3. Friends of FAM All Inclusive Event

    Community Updates

    Join us Oct 1 at Hope from 9am – 1:30pm  to support the foster families in our church and community.

    This event is open to anyone and includes CPR training, education on Trust Based Relational Intervention techniques for interacting with kids and a presentation from a local non-profit, Foster Village, doing great things in our community for foster families throughout Austin. This event will include lunch as well and childcare is available until full.

    Learn more details here: Friends of FAM Event 

    and register to join us on Realm

  4. Castros Visiting -Many Opportunities to Hear!

    Community Updates

    The whole Castro family will be visiting us from around the world and have many stories to share about God’s movements. We’ll hear about how discipleship through business is transforming lives, how young people are receiving ministry through sports, and how the isolated villages in Bulgaria are responding to the Word.

    Please plan to join us for any or all of the following events:

    Aug 15- Dessert night

    Aug 19- ITN briefing

    Aug 21- Post-service reception

    Aug 23- Prayer and Worship

    RSVP on Realm or email Ceci@theproegers.com