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  1. What is Christian Marriage?

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    What is Christian Marriage?

    Paul interjected a Christ filled view into the world.Ephesians.5:21-24

    Submission is very specific here.

    There are 9 verses for the husband,3 verses for the wives.

    Ephesians 5:22-27

    Husbands give up your life.

    Wives should submit freely on their own.  Wives should choose to submit.  Husbands can not demand it.Husbands make it hard for wives to submit.Submissions is a gift.Submission can not be earned.Only Christ can demand submission.It is always a gift to each other.  Submission is not deserved.

    This all is a great and joyful teaching.  It is precious.

    How did Christ love the church.  He gave his life.  Husbands should do the same.


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