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FALL GIFTS NIGHT • Friday, November 8th • A Less Stressed, More Blessed Night 7-8:30 PM

What Talents Have You Been Hiding? Sign-Ups Have Begun. This talent show requires you sharing your talents!

We have poetry, a song, and a slide show already in the list!!

Sign up with the curator, Cathy Tucek, today! 🎨 🎭💃🏽🕺🏼꠫🎤🤹🏻‍♂️🤣😢

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just yours! Some talents are amazing performances from those with lovely voices and others are hilarious chances to laugh at your Hope Group’s Kazoo Band. It’s a variety show in which you provide the variety.

Poetry, stand-up, a song, a dramatic reading, a comedy skit, and LOTS of silliness! In the last one, we had:
• a funny song like Dorman WorshipMadLibs ala J &JP Cogdell
• dramatic reading of a poem (your own or a favorite) ala Kevin Daniel, Mark Kovach or Liz Morgan
• a choral group or solo piece or band ala Scott McDonald and Gang or Judah Lathem
• a comedy interp ala the Fischers
• a gravity-defying, prat-falling mime of the a certain dog flying in battle in a sopwith camel biplane ala Joe Friedman
• a slide show with humorous comment ala Thomas Cogdell
It’s license to do something crazy, fun, and outrageous or to showcase a hidden talent that you have that your friends like!

Not your first violin recital or an act randomly thrown together that wouldn’t have been entertaining even with rehearsal. Go with a basic skill level (juggling while eating an apple) or something funny/entertaining that doesn’t need much skill (your Hope Group‘s cheerleading cheer).


THINK: what can I do that will help people be less stressed or more blessed?

Hope Groups are encouraged to do a song or skit together (include your kids).

Solo acts are welcome. We’re looking for variety.