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  1. Arts Update 04-10-2019



    We are having Family Night Studio Group, dinner at 5:30-5:16 P.M. in the Family Room at Hope Chapel, and then on to the studio space for our open creation / group time. Bring some liturgy and a  piece of art (yours or a classic master’s) to share with the group, and be ready to pray (for revival in our city) before we begin our discussion / creation time.



    There are no HopeArts Events planned until June, though the Hope Chapel Family is having its May Gifts Night, and I strongly strongly strongly urge all performance-based artists (eg slam poets, musicians, thespians, dancers) to sign-up for a slot — it blesses in significant ways to be a part of this event.

    Likewise, April 19th is Good Friday, and personally speaking, the Good Friday service is an incredible intersection of the existential and artistic within the life of faith, the narratives of which stir in me worship. I encourage us to attend, but sign up for childcare through the Children’s Ministry page soon.

    (Thomas Cole “Falls of Kaaterskills” — American Romanticism, source: WikiCommons)




  2. Theatrical Troupe Beginning

    Please consider this request I am about to make. I very certainly feel the Lord is attempting to stir up a long-dormant theatrical component at Hope Chapel. I am convinced the Lord is using Nance Friedman to spearhead this move.

    The word discusses how we are given apostles, prophets, teachers, preachers for the building up of the Body for acts of service. I feel some of those acts of service of our Body at Hope will be theatrical works of service, of which our members will perform. If it is the Lord, then He doesn’t need professionals but willing hearts.

    To quote the initial message of Nance : ”

    “Whether it’s Shakespeare, Spielberg or Sorkin – we are drawn to theater and drama!  Hope Chapel has a long tradition of art, music and theater and we are ready to start a regular time and place for thespians and hopeful thespians to come together and prepare drama to be shared at Hope.

    Generally we will be meeting the first and third Saturdays of the month from 3:30 – 5:00 pm.  Ages 13 – 100 welcome! 

    March dates are modified for Spring Break (16th, and 30th of March are the modified meeting dates).

    Questions?  Please reach out to Nance Friedman 512/888-2629 or Kevin Daniel (text) 512-367-0339.”


    Please do not consider your lack of experience or even your schedule, but consider His ability to empower you. He used an unread fisherman to speak to kings, surely he can use a simple accountant or housewife to perform a script which illustrates a sermon on a Sunday.

    So, to recap the specifics: first meeting is March 16th, 2nd meeting is March 30th. For every meeting AFTER MARCH we will meet on the first and third Saturdays of the month, ALWAYS AT 3:30-5:30 P.M. IN 2ND GRADE CLASSROOM.


    We used to do this very kind of thing at Hope Chapel, and it unquestionably enriched our corporate lives, our community, our teaching ministry, and even our worship. This is good.

  3. 02-20-19 Arts Ministry Weekly Update

    02-20 Art Ministry Weekly Update


    Last Friday’s Art Salon were HUGE successes, according to all attendees, and much enthusiasm was shared for upcoming salons. Both North and South salons were roughly equal in size.

    A big announcement: the regular Wednesday Family Night Art Group, which meets in the Art Studio, will HAVE A CHANGE OF FORMAT. From this point onward we will discuss and open-create at the same time, in the same space (the Art Studio). At the beginning of each meeting we will be lead in an opening prayer, a short liturgy, and a brief art presentation, all before opening the evening to discussion and creation. Those desiring less conversation while they create can spill over into the Coffee Shop area (or wear earbuds, I guess, LOL).

    This semester we will continue our study of Madeliene L’Engle’s “Walking on Water”, in contrast to the context of Geno’s sermon this past Wednesday (notable surrounding his section on Art Ministry); those in conjunction with the TedTalk by Oscar Eustis, “Why theater is essential to democracy.” As to the latter, I want to suggest the term “art” be heard everywhere theater is used, and “ministry” be heard everywhere democracy is used. (Spoiler Alert: it’s likely to become a “dramatic” conversation.)




    Keep your eyes open for upcoming information on the new Hope Theater Group, led by Nance Friedman, and working out of Hope Chapel.


    Likewise, we currently are soliciting written and visual art for our upcoming gallery show, “Gates and Fences: How we Enter” Deadline is noon, Tuesday 02-26, and sign-up (on the Art Ministry page of Hope.Org) is required. Check out Realm for earlier post containing some of the many numerous scriptural addresses one might consider.


    Maker’s Market is coming soon, so sign-up for space now, or contact Carnie and Ashley Littlefield. See www.HopeArts.Org for details.

  4. Call for Submissions: “Gates & Fences”

    Hey, Kevin here. Go take some pictures of / write upon / paint  Gates and Fences… of eyes and ears and city gates and mouths and libraries and all other kinds of “Gates” … of stiff arms and bibles in glass book cases and cloth-draped TVs and protective things and unplugged radios and all other kinds of “fences”…. all centered around the metaphor of gates and fences in scripture.

    Written submissions should be one page or less, poetry or flash fiction or reflection or memoir, all centered around the metaphor of gates and fences in scripture.

    Submissions due by 02-26 NOON. Will need jpegs of submissions and the “submissions form” filled out on Hope.Org  All physical products have to be to Hope Chapel by 02-29 NOON.

    You should come to the gallery opening  if you are or are not in the show:  on 03-02 Saturday @ 6:30-9:00 PM.

    Contact Gallery Manager with item-specific questions, or see general rules for submissions. Contact Arts Ministry Director for questions as well.


    Gallery Show Submissions Form

    Gallery Show Submissions Form

    • Name of show you are entering.
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Medium / Type of Submission
    • Description -- briefly describe your piece, its concept, dimensions, special requirements (this shall used for artist card signage). Include any artist statement that goes along with piece (as it will be taken directly from this form). JPEGs to be emailed directly to Director or Gallery Manager.
    • Have you read Submissions Guidelines on http://www.hopearts.org/gallery-shows-entry-form.html
    • Opening and Panel Discussion Question -- If you plan to attend gallery opening, you would be willing to ...



  5. Art Salon Sign-Up Form

    Art Salon Performance

    Reminiscent of the classic salon-style performances, artists present to attendees completed, higher caliber art in the sitting parlors of peoples homes. RSVP REQUIRED for address information. Attendees and performers are encouraged to bring finger food and snacks.

    • RSVP Information
    • Which Location Do You Plan To Attend?
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone Number
    • Number of Guests, including children (if any)
    • Are any guests children?
    • If guests are children, how many?
    • If you plan to perform or present, please briefly describe your piece(s), and and physical / performance requirements (e.g. need access to power outlet, place to set up easel or blank wall to project image, ect.). The more information you provide the better to facilitate your needs.

  6. Arts Update 02-04-2019

    Arts Community Updates 02-04-2019


    Hope Arts Group meets :


        With this being the first Wednesday of the month we will be meeting for regular group time together in the studio space at Hope Chapel. We will all meet in the studio @ 6:30 PM after the 5:30 Wednesday night dinner.


    Deadline for entry as a presenter or RSVP as an attendee for the Feb. 15th Art Salon is Tuesday 02-12-2019 by noon. See the sign-up form under the relevant tab on www.hopearts.org to do so.


    Deadline for entry into upcoming gallery show “Gates & Fences: How We Enter” is 02-26-2019 by noon. See the sign-up form under the relevant tab on www.hopearts.org to do so.


    Maker’s Fair sign-up for the March 9th slots is going on now. Be sure to go to www.hopearts.org to get space.


    Major Changes :


    1)    From this point forward artists will meet every Wednesday together in the studio, and our alternating schedule (between group time and free creation) will continue but together in the studio space.


    2)    Art Salon attendance : in order to attend the arts salon (not just to present), attendees must RSVP (and presenters must sign up) in order to receive location information. Go to www.hopearts.org to sign up under the relevant tab.