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  1. Angela Brown’s “Visual Arts in the Church” Workshop

    Our own Angela Brown is a gifted and anointed dancer who has a storehouse of knowledge and experience in leading dance worship teams. She is moving from Austin. As her parting gift to Hope Chapel, she has supplied us with some banners, streamers, and pom poms.

    On Saturday afternoon, February 27th, Angela will lead a workshop from 1-3:00 p.m. to impart information and cast vision for use of these in worship. She’d like to train those interested in how to use these instruments, the meanings behind colors used, and the importance of proper attitude and attire.

    If this interests you, come to the workshop. Please RSVP to Debbie Dorman so Angela will have enough handouts for everyone.

  2. Celebration of the Psalms

    Artists are encouraged to focus on the Psalms in the Spring and create poems, songs and other forms of art to share on the evening of April 16.

  3. Fireside Informational Meeting

    Ceci Proeger will lead an informational meeting, explaining our new prayer initiative: Fireside.


  4. Celebration of the Psalms

    Artists, poets and song-writers:

    Spend time in the Psalms as we enter the New Year, and work to write or create something from time spent there.  Come on April 28 and share it with Hope Chapel!

  5. Worship Night

    Join us for an evening of worship and prayer on Friday night, January 19 from 7 – 8:30 p.m.  We plan to include focused prayer toward loving those who are far from God and preparing our hearts for the following morning’s workshop, “Loving our Muslim Neighbors.”

    Child care is available (for children age 8 and younger) by reservation only. The deadline to reserve childcare is Wednesday, Jan. 17th. To RSVP for childcare, fill out the information below, scroll to the bottom and click “Sign Up”

    We regret that the deadline has passed to reserve child care.