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  1. Redeemed Ministry Coaster Party Tonight

    Women of Hope Coaster Party Tonight

    Join the Women of Hope on Saturday, August 23rd from 6-8:00 p.m in the upstairs Den “to deal with one of the biggest problems in AUSTIN…human sex trafficking. We’ll have light food and the chance to hear from Calli of Redeemer Ministries and help support a woman making the transition to a new life.

    We’ll have refreshments and the chance to ask questions and meet a woman making her way out of human trafficking bondage.

    Please RSVP HERE

    More on Redeemed Ministry here.

  2. Explore God Discussion Group

    7-week class on Thursdays from May 1st  to June 12th at 6:30-8:00 PM.
    Includes brief videos and conversation centered around the content presented.

    Topics are on basic questions of faith including:
    1. Does life have a purpose?
    2. Is there a God?
    3. Why does God allow pain and suffering?
    4. Is Christianity too narrow?
    5. Is Jesus really God?
    6. Is the Bible reliable?
    7. Can I know God personally?

    Can’t come every week? No problem: Drop-ins are welcome!

  3. Baptisms and Annual Picnic

    Sunday, June 8th, we will have one service at 10:00 AM, followed by baptisms and a picnic! We’ll baptize the adults and children in a big water trough on our campus. Then we’ll picnic in the backyard (and the Family Room).

    Kids, bring your suits for the water slide! Adults, bring a side dish to share:

    A-H: Vegetable dish
    I-Q: Salad
    R-Z: Dessert

    Everyone please bring lawn chairs and sunscreen.

    Drop off your food items in the Family Room before the service with serving utensils.

  4. Men of Hope – Lightning Strike

    The men of Hope Chapel are meeting on the morning of July 19th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Living Room (sanctuary). This will be a great opportunity to seek God together. And, if the daily grind has interfered with your time with God, this will be a good time to focus on Him and reconnect.

    Breakfast tacos and lunch will be served in the Family Room.

    Men of Hope Lightning Strike RSVP

  5. “Walmarting” Outreach Training Saturday Night

    If you are interested in going on our prayer-walking outreach called “Walmarting,” but would like to learn more about how prophecy and evangelism can work together, come to our Walmarting Training on Saturday, July 19th from 8:30-10:00 p.m. The training is led by Diane Wall, who is very experienced in hosting this training in an easy and accessible way. You’ll get to practice praying and encouraging others in a joyful and loving environment and hear encouraging stories!

    Currently, teams go out Saturday nights. In the future, teams may form at a different time during the week. Even if you could not typically go out on a Saturday, Matt still encourages you to come check out the training for your own personal edification and possible involvement in other settings.

    Email Matt Ryniker if you are thinking about coming. Let’s explore and practice what it means for Christians to hear from God in order to build others up.