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  1. Glory


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  2. Children’s Baptism Classes Coming in May

    Children's Ministry

    Dear Parents,

    Two baptism classes (taught by Pastor Matt)  are scheduled for Saturday, May 11 (9:30-11:30am) and Wednesday, May 29 (6 – 7:30pm). If your child has expressed interest in being baptized this year, please plan on attending these classes. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their children. Childcare will be provided by contacting Hala.

    The baptism service will be on June 9, 2024. This service will be followed by an outdoor water fun day on our playground, as is our custom.

    We’ve designed the baptism classes to help parents decide whether or not their children are ready for baptism. If you are unsure about whether or not this is the right year, class number one will help you decide.

    Adults who would like to be baptized should simply contact Pastor Matt. He will be happy to talk with you!

    Let Hala know if you have any kid-related questions!


  3. N2Worship Registration Open

    Community Updates
    Got musicians or budding musicians? Sing and play instruments (drums, bass, keyboard, guitar and voice) in a group environment to worship the Lord! All track/sessions are one week long at Hope Chapel’s campus. Depending on age or experience, you will find a class for your needs or the needs of your children.

    Sign up for the N2Worship Evening (experience needed) or the 1/2 Day (no experience needed) sessions with optional afternoon session in songwriting and audio engineering intensive.

    June 3rd-7th: 6-9:00PM
    For students with proficiency in an instrument or vocal skill
    A new evening class where students develop skills for playing in larger groups, song selection, arranging, songwriting, and audio production. Focusing on an instrument or vocal that students already have proficiency in allows for deeper experiences and comprehension of more advanced musical and Biblical concepts. Join us for a week of intensive musical study. Register today!


    June 10-14th:  9:30AM – 12:30PM
    Ages 10 years and up (including adult) – no previous experience needed
    For those with any level of experience on their instrument or voice who desire to learn music and worship. Students do not need any previous experience to participate, and all will be in group lessons based on ability. Students focus on fundamentals of playing and singing alone and in a group. The basic foundational concepts of music and worship of Jesus form the structure of N2Worship. Register today!


    June 10-14, 2024: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
    Ages 7 – 9 years – no experience needed
    For those who’d like to learn concepts of music through movement and singing. Focusing on how the body moves and responds to music provides an opportunity to grow in music and worship. Students learn about worship and music through dance, flags, and singing with no experience needed. Join us  from  at Hope Chapel. Register today!


    June 10-14, 2024: 1:30-3:30 PM
    Ages 10 and up – no experience needed

    For those desiring to learn and practice concepts of song creation from start to finished production. Students learn tools for creating music using acoustic and electronic instruments. Registration for this additional session is available in the regular registration forms for the above sessions. It is not available as a stand alone registration.



    The N2Worship staff is made up of experienced worship leaders, educators, and professional musicians who are passionate to teach, train, and mentor the next generation for the purpose of raising up more worshipers and worship leaders to bring glory to our Great God.


    Contact Dr. Whitney Crowley, N2Worship Director
  4. Theology of Good Friday


    New to Hope? We’re glad you’re here! Text the word WELCOME to 512-777-1826 to connect with our welcome team!

  5. God’s Unchangeable Purpose


    New to Hope? We’re glad you’re here! Text the word WELCOME to 512-777-1826 to connect with our welcome team!