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  1. Gallery Exhibit — Women of Hope: “True Names”


    Currently hung on the Sanctuary Gallery walls is an exhibit by members of the Women’s Ministry at Hope Chapel, entitled, “True Names.”

    “As women of hope I believe God calls us to reach the generation following us, and the one that has gone before us. A bridging of generations. It is in the beautiful weaving of young and old that God reveals our True Names. The pieces displayed reflect the artist interpretations of theirs or corporately our True Names as women. No more labels. Simply woman hearing the song of heaven as He sings over us our names.” – Lisette Espinosa

    This will be an evolving installation, with additional pieces going up over the length of the show.

  2. World Mandate Conference!

    Community Updates

    Save the Date: January 28 @ Hope in the City

    World Mandate is a conference hosted by Antioch church in Waco, Texas  with the goal of inspiring followers of Jesus to change the world with the love of Jesus. The conference is a wonderful mix of worship and nations-minded speakers. This year Francis Chan and Tracy Evans will be guest speakers.

    Hope in the City will be live-streaming the event in south Austin and have invited us to join them. Cost is $10, and the event will begin at 3pm Saturday afternoon, and finish around 10pm. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend!

    World Mandate is an amazing time to be encouraged by what God is doing around the world! You will be inspired by how He might want to use you here in Austin or in the ends of the world.

    For more information, please contact:

    Ceci Proeger- Ceci@theproegers.com, 512-521-9922