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  1. New Virtual Class

    Community Updates

    This summer, I invite all of you to take my Old Testament Studies & Reliability of the Bible class. All classes will be virtual and around 5 minutes or less. This is video #3. I will put all of the videos on a YouTube playlist so you can easily find previous videos when you want to catch up.



  2. Giving With A Generous Heart–A ‘Plunder’ Story

    Community Updates

    This past Sunday, I shared the story of an ‘Aha!’ moment God gave to one of our congregation’s members, Bonnie Watkins. I have shared Bonnie’s story a couple of times publicly to encourage people as we continue to pray about helping to fund repairs to Hope’s main building complex this summer. When presenting the need as our Sunday night service, Bonnie exclaimed, involuntarily ‘Ah!’ out loud, and then told us how the Holy Spirit was stirring her that night. It’s a great God story. Be encouraged…and ask God for your own plunder.  –geno

    You can find the text of Bonnie’s tale on my blog site here.