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  1. Good Friday This Friday

    Community Updates

    Our Good Friday service is this Friday, March 25th at 7:00 p.m. and includes music and meditations on the seven sayings of Jesus at His crucifixion. It is always a very beautiful and poignant time.

    We regret that the deadline has now passed to reserve child care.

  2. Walter Heidenreich Is The Special Speaker at the Easter Sunday Night Service

    Community Updates

    Walter Heidenreich read about him here is visiting the Austin area from his homeland, Germany. He has spoken at Hope Chapel when he has visited in the past. He’s speaking at the Sunday Night Church at 5:30 p.m. (Easter Sunday)

    He and his wife, Irene, lead FCJG (Free Christian Youth Community) in Lüdenscheid. What once started with a drug rehab center has grown into a worldwide ministry in the past three decades. including HELP International, the international ministry branch.

    Walter had a powerful encounter with God while he was still a drug addict with no Christians around, and God radically changed his life. Since this encounter Walter has been walking with God, fervently burning for Jesus, revival, and missions.

    We wanted to make sure those of you who know him (or wanted to meet from him) were aware of this opportunity to interact with him this coming Sunday night

  3. Global Day of Prayer for Turkey Anniversary of the Malatya Martyrs Monday, April 18th

    Community Updates

    Monday, April 18th is the Global Day of Prayer for Turkey, marking the anniversary of the three modern-day Christian workers martyred in the city of Malatya in 2007 for sharing the Gospel. Ugur Yüksel, Necati Aydin, and Tilmann Geske were the first known martyred Christians since 1979.

    Hope Chapel hosts an evening of prayer from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Hope in the City joins with us to bless the the nation of Turkey, the persecuted church there, and the foreign mission workers (including our friends) with your prayers.

  4. Beauty and Inspiration

    Community Updates

    Dearly Beloved,

    I recently posted to my blog what I consider a most beautiful and worship-filled video of the Australian singer Dami Im performing ‘This is My Desire’.  If you are looking for five minutes of inspiration, put on the headphones, go to my blog here, close your eyes and worship with this singer.  –geno