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  1. HomeFront Weekly available online for parents

    Dear Parents,

    As a way to partner with you as you disciple your children, we are happy to provide you with a PDF of the HomeFront Weekly handout. This is the same page that your child comes home with after class each Sunday.

    HomeFront Weeklies are far more than a “Take-Home” page: they allow you to pre-teach the Bible lesson that will be taught next Sunday morning in our kids’ classes.  This is a valuable tool which can equip you to be the primary nurturers of your children’s faith in your home during the week.

    Take some time this week to read through the scripture passages and do a couple of the activities with your children. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. Deb Dorman Retirement Gala Details Reminders

    Times and Locations for this Saturday, April 21st

    4:00 PM Reception Location: Faith Lutheran Church, 6600 Woodrow Avenue, 78757

    Still time to RSVP for  the Fabulous Baked Potato Bar BEFORE the Gala?
    With all the usual toppings (like butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and chives) AND there will be protein options like fajita chicken and pulled pork AND veggie options like steamed broccoli and jalapeños (is that a veggie?) AND sauces like BBQ sauce and salsa. Make sure you’ve RSVP’ed so we have enough fixin’s!

    RSVP here.

    6:00 PM Gala Location: Hope Chapel, 6701 Arroyo Seco 78757

    Walk the block to Hope for the formal evening festivities! Formal means “scheduled” not what you must wear!


    If You Would Like to Make a Donation for a Gift…

    Visit for how to’s whether you want to mail it, give online, or text it.



  3. Annual Baptism Service Scheduled for June 3

    Hello Parents of Hope!

    Our annual baptism Sunday is scheduled for June 3, 2018. If your child has been asking about being baptized this year, please plan on attending two classes with Matt Ryniker and Hala Tompkins on May 9 and 23. We’ll begin at 6:30 and be done before 8.

    Designed for children aged eight and older, these two classes are designed to help parents and kids determine together if this is the right year for baptism. Because of this, parents are asked to attend class with their children each week.

    Contact Hala if you have more questions or would like to sign up for the class. Childcare will be provided upon request.