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World Welcome Opportunities!

The end of summer is near, and with that comes a rush of University students back into Austin gearing up for another year. Around 6000 of these students come from all over the world and have basic needs that we can meet as the hands and feet of Jesus.

August Airport Pickups:

Many of these students are in need of transportation from the airport to their housing, and we can assign you one or more students to greet with a friendly and warm smile! Hope has already received some requests, so sign up now to show some practical love.

Friendship Family/ Individual:

You can become a support and a friend to one, or many, international students looking for a connection! Show them around Austin, invite them into your home for a meal, take them grocery shopping… there are many ways to connect with a student!

ESL Conversation Partners or English classes:

You can meet with a student to intentionally help them practice their English, or take on a group of students and lead an English class. Hope Chapel has plenty of resources for this, so teaching degree not required.

World Welcome will also be facilitating regular gatherings for international students interested in staying connected. We would love to have Hope-ites participating in these activities as well.

Please contact Christine Wilson to find out more!