Babysitting 101 coming again in 2019

We’ll take sign ups for our second Babysitting 101 class starting in January. Check back here for updates.

Calling all kids aged 9 and older. Do you enjoy being with little kids but wish you had more skills in order to take care of them? Are you an older brother or sister who needs ideas on how to keep your younger siblings entertained and out of trouble? Do you want little kids to follow your instructions?

Join Ariel Czerwinski and Hala Tompkins for Babysitting 101 on Saturday, August 18, from 9-10:30am. Topics to be covered include:

  • How to create a plan for your babysitting assignment (ideas for activities, crafts and games).
  • What information you need before parents walk out of the house (emergency contact info and allergy info form).
  • What to do if someone gets an “owie” ? (Basic first aid and when to call 911.)
  • Why “stranger danger” is a good thing. (Safety and common sense.)

Kids who complete the class will leave with a Babysitting Resource Kit and a certificate of completion.