About HopeArts

What is HopeArts?

All about the arts ministry of Hope Chapel.

Life is more art than science. At Hope Chapel we desire to live everyday as an expression of, a participation in the wonder of God’s creation and ongoing creativity in our lives. The wonder of the natural world, the goodness in people, and the beauty of creation as seen in the arts, compels us to respond. Whether through making music, painting a picture, planting a tree, preparing a meal, changing a diaper, repairing a car, or giving an honest day's work for an honest day's pay, we can live our lives as participants in God's grand conspiracy of beauty. At Hope Chapel, our hope and prayer is that God's grace would enable us to live lives that complement His design. At HopeArts our desire is to facilitate the art of living well as followers of Christ both in our community and beyond.