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Hope Family NightWednesday Night Small Groups Meeting in Homes

You are invited to participate in our art-and-faith-centric community:

HopeArts Family Night Group:

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM, in Art Studio

Meets corporately in the art studio space; visual artists alongside writers, performers, artists of all stripes – we communally and intentionally provide an atmosphere of open creation and ongoing discussion. Along with creation and discussion open silences, long pauses, and just being still, and prayers are also all encouraged at these gatherings. For more information contact Tildon Humphrey.


The Writer’s Group, 3-Friends

The 3-Friends Writers Group: This hybrid online-&-in-person group is geared towards the encouragement of writers through positive-only, supportive-only feedback on pieces generated through weekly, prompt-led practice. Weekly prompts are given, and written responses posted to an online forum, where the other members offer their kind and supportive feedback in comments to the piece. This group has informal meet-ups to socialize and share work when convenient or desired, sometimes in virtual and sometimes in physical locations. Contact Kevin Daniel for more details.


Attend our Arts Events:  Check the Hope Chapel Calendar for information of Gallery Openings, Maker’s Market Festivals, and more to engage in event-specific community life of artists sponsored by Hope Chapel.

Family Night Hope Groups

Other Hope GroupsHome-based Small Groups

These groups are currently meeting in the homes of various Hopeites. To join one or learn more, get in touch with the group's listed contact.