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  1. FHFH Fall Community Group Night

    Join Forever Hope, Forever Homes, Hope Chapel’s orphan care group for their Fall community meeting! You’ll have opportunity to hear This Kid’s Flipped His Lid: An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care, a seminar that delves into the brain’s reaction to trauma, the risk factors that leave kids vulnerable to trauma, and the connecting and correcting techniques that can bring about their healing. If you are a teacher, a parent, or a volunteer who works with or hopes to work with children who have come from hard places or experienced any kind of trauma, you’ll want to hear this teaching. Please RSVP to Nikki Sheffield, knsheffield8 @gmail.com. Child care available by reservation; the deadline to RSVP for child care is Wednesday, Oct. 29th.

  2. FHFH Work Event

    Future Hope Future Homes is gathering to prepare for upcoming adoption conference. Several folks will be stuffing bags and preparing materials for the conference.

    Contact Nikki Sheffield for more information: knsheffield8@gmail.com