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  1. Shadow People – Luke 2:8-10


    We are called to join God in His work among the marginalized people of society, the ‘shadow people’ who are poor and powerless and often voiceless. In the Christmas story of the shepherds God announces His great in-breaking to these marginalized ones, provided a model for us to follow Him in ministering among the shadow people of our day.

  2. Blessed Are The Unblessable – Luke 4:1-29


    Christ’s mission is to explode reconciliation and its consequent healing, life, sanity, purpose, love, and liberty not just into the lives of faithful insiders but, most essentially, into the lives of seeking individuals culled from different-tribed, different-looking, different-thinking people around the world.

  3. Hildebrandt Installation Service – Ephesians 4:11


    God gives His body the people we need – who have His carefully chosen gifts – which are required at particular seasons – so that His specific work in us will be accomplished. Today we specifically recognized two of these gifts to us, our new lead pastor, Geno Hildebrandt, and his wife, P.J.