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  1. Bless the Doezemas!

    Community Updates
    Hey Hopeites!  You all know Tad and Amy Doezema, right!?  Well, we would like to bless them financially since they have incurred attorney fees and debt due to being foster parents for the past 3 years.  Sooo, here is the scoop: donate products, services and new stuff so that other Hopeites can buy them. Then the money will go directly to Amy and Tad!

    Here are some ideas of things to donate:

    Donated Products or something you made:
    -If you work for a company that sells things (ex: Noonday-jewelry)
    -Music tickets/Concert tickets

    (This would be something that you wouldn’t mind to do for someone else!!)
    -Give a Haircut
    -A few hours of Babysitting
    -Give someone a Mani/Pedi (or a gift card for that service)
    -Dog sitting
    -Give Dance/Music Lessons
    -A few hours of Organizing
    -A few hours of Housecleaning

    Stuff: (These are items that you purchase in order to sell at the fundraiser)
    -Create a gift basket (different theme, like Texas theme, or Date
    night, Family movie basket, etc.)
    -Movie tickets
    -Gift cards to a restaurant
    -Unused items that you have at home that you think someone else might like

    Ok, here is the lowdown. From now until August 21st, I will be
    collecting the items from you to sell on Sunday August 28th.  On that day, we will have all the items “for sale” in the Family Room.  Bring your cash or checkbook for purchasing!

    For now, if you would like to help and bless, send me (Allison Fischer email is allygirlf@gmail.com) your:
    •brief description about the item
    •approximate retail price

    Then I will create cards with all the info needed for purchasing and put a suggested donation price for our fundraiser.

    I will keep you in the loop as far as more details. Let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you Hope Chapel for loving Tad and Amy! I know they will feel God’s hands wrapped around them.

    Love to you!