What is HopeArts?

HopeArts is the art ministry of Hope Chapel. HopeArts represents a diverse collection of artists, from professional artists to beginners, encompassing a wide range of artistic forms and expressions. We all have in common the desire to bring glory to God through creative endeavor. Each year we hang 3-5 visual exhibits on Hope's walls. Learn more about HopeArts ›

Within our community, we have small groups of various focuses that meet regularly.

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Additionally, we organize various creative arts activities, including workshops, seminars, and work-in-progress open mic nights, called 8 Minutes Max. Check out our upcoming events and latest posts for more info.

Our Desire:

To facilitate the art of living well as followers of Christ both in our community and beyond.

Latest Updates

  1. “14 Stations” Exhibit in Gallery

    A Painter and a Prophet: the 14 Stations of the life of John Boyle, Painted by James B. Janknegt

    March 2 – May 5th
    Celebrate this body of work that was created over a 14-year period. The works represent 14 scenes from John Boyle’s life and together with The Royal Painter, James Janknegt, visions of The Prophet came to life on the canvas for all of Austin to witness. The works are accompanied by GODESE Prose, a lyrical language that links together words and conceptions, creating a hidden ‘parable-like’ experience inviting the viewer to go before The Throne of God that they might have the eyes to see and the ears to hear what The Spirit is saying.

    Artist Talk: A Dialogue between The Royal Painter and the Prophet. Sunday, March 5th, 2017 5:30 PM at Hope Chapel. Get a glimpse into their 14 year relationship and how these works came to be commissioned. Q & A.

  2. Gallery Exhibit — Women of Hope: “True Names”

    Currently hung on the Sanctuary Gallery walls is an exhibit by members of the Women’s Ministry at Hope Chapel, entitled, “True Names.”

    “As women of hope I believe God calls us to reach the generation following us, and the one that has gone before us. A bridging of generations. It is in the beautiful weaving of young and old that God reveals our True Names. The pieces displayed reflect the artist interpretations of theirs or corporately our True Names as women. No more labels. Simply woman hearing the song of heaven as He sings over us our names.” – Lisette Espinosa

    This will be an evolving installation, with additional pieces going up over the length of the show.

  3. Waldrip Exhibit Now On Display

    Currently up on our sanctuary gallery walls and placed around the building is a 2-D and 3-D exhibit by Marian Waldrip.

    Marian’s profile from her website:

    “Marian Waldrip is an artist, painter, and sculptor whose art shows her unique gifts of insight and power. Insight into the human soul, spirit, and power to forcefully and keenly portray them. Classically trained, and highly knowledgeable in anatomy, she works in both 2D and 3D.”

    “Marian has studied sculpture and art history under Stanley Marcus at the University of Texas at Permian Basin and figure drawing under Dr. Vincent Mariani at the University of Texas at Austin as well as special studies in sculpture at the Elizabet Ney Conservatory in Austin, Texas.”

    Marian’s work effects the viewer on profound and immediate levels, leaving the viewer with a resonating sense of presence lasting long after encounter.

  4. Current Gallery Exhibit: “Intercession : Şefaat”

    Sunday, September 11, will debut the new Sanctuary Gallery exhibit: “Intercession : Şefaat”.

    In a collaborative effort the Hope Chapel Arts Ministry has partnered with the recent Short-Term Turkey Mission Team to produce an exhibit aimed at drawing our congregational body together in unified and ongoing prayer for our Turkey Mission.

    The show will feature photography by Whitney Crowley, with a newly painted art wall by Micheal Wall. Our newly instated Gallery Manager, Courtney Daniel, has also brought her renowned art cards to the exhibit. Those cards will be found available around the foyer and sanctuary, and they make great prayer reminders and bookmarks.

    The Gallery Manager and Short Term Team would like to recognize the supportive labor of Ceci Proeger, our newly appointed Missions Director, in her enthusiasm for and assistance in hanging the show. Likewise, thanks go out to our Studio Manager, Tildon Humphries, who also has brought his labor and invaluable insights to the hanging efforts.

    Our featured photographer Whitney Crowley’s artist statement is included below, and may be found posted up in the Gallery.

    Whitney Crowley
    Artist Statement

    Intercession : Şefaat

    If a photo is worth a 1000 words, then apparently there’s a lot to be said. I enjoy taking photos and am surprised if I can capture just a tiny amount of the beauty of God’s creation with them. It’s intriguing to me to see color, shading, shape, form, and texture with photos.
    Initially my love of photography began with a point and shoot 35 mm I had in high school. Love of photographs is an untold passion of mine – I just LOVE to take pictures! There’s a thrill that exists in seeing what you experienced after the fact.

    My intent in this collection is to share with the viewer scenes from Turkey in the
    summer of 2016. My largest hope and desire is that these images would inspire
    the viewer to intercede on behalf of the Turks and workers in this land. If these
    photos bring joy then may they also trigger rejoicing to our Creator. Whatever the emotion or thought invoked by these images, may they draw you into intercession.

    I’m the only daughter of Rita and Richard and have both an older and a younger brother (Rick and Alan). I serve the Lord by ministering on the Hope Chapel worship team, being on the Board of Directors at Hope Chapel, teaching musical worship at N2Worship, and teaching band at Murchison Middle School.

    Whitney Crowley

Current Exhibit:

Imagine Art: Where every life is a work of art. Learn more ›

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